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He pointed out that hearing someone in my condition making jokes on the operating table confirmed his “you’re a tough guy” assessment.I replied, “Then you obviously didn’t stick around for when I woke up because that performance would have blown your theory out the door!I suppose in her line of work she does meet a lot of sickos and most of them aren’t wearing pants.I felt it necessary to clear up the misunderstanding and we both had a good laugh over it.She sat next to me, held my hand, and suddenly got very serious.“I just wanted to prepare you for the possibility that the doctor may use the word…cancer when he gives you his report.

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In fact, she said, I should know I would never be alone the rest of the time I was in here. There’s also a guest appearance by Sonny Bono (Steve’s college roommate), who is suspected of being a spy.LIMITED WARRANTY- PART THREE- So we spent most of that day trying to get the nurses to make sure I didn’t run out of pain medicine. Since the day she was born Bobbi was incredibly sweet and giving. Bobbi’s advocacy on my behalf and her nurturing way really made me feel hope, faith and love.Then he remarked that the way things looked I had been walking around for at least the last month with my abscessed appendix. He said he’d never seen an appendix so inflamed and ravished that still left its host carefree and unaffected.

I said it must have been from all the back medication masking the symptoms.I got to experience the unselfish, unconditional, nurturing sweetness that she has mastered over her lifetime.