Consolidating to one nap

20-Jun-2018 04:43

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I strongly recommend adding white noise to your baby's sleep environment as a positive sleep association.

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So lets start with a basic understanding of infant sleep at nap time, and then look at some possible schedules by age range.

As if maintaining the perfect bedtime routine was not enough, as a new parent, you are also expected to master your baby's nap-time schedule.

To complicate matters further, a better daytime feeding, playing and napping routine usually defines how well the baby sleeps at nighttime and vice versa. Then there are baby's growth spurts or a sudden onset of GERD or colic or plain old infant gas that could throw a well established nap schedules off.

To create a perfect environment, wind down activities as soon as you detect the signs of sleepiness as described above. Turn down the lights, draw the curtains, turn up the white noise and swaddle before singing or shushing your baby to sleep.

For one of the naps the routine may also include bathing before nursing/feeding/suckling, swaddling and shushing.

We will address some common questions parents ask on infant nap time schedules. 2) How Do I Know If My Baby Is Getting Enough Sleep During Each Nap?

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