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30-Dec-2017 05:12

However, there's also the case that now it is more common for parents to marry more than once and create more step-families, the "cousin" could feel like a much-removed relation rather than a close family member.

There are probably more instances of first-cousin pairings in Austen's works alone, but that should suffice to show that anyone in the UK with even a slight acquaintance with 19th-century English literature would probably not be horrified at the very idea of first-cousin marriage.

I noticed that several of the people had two stickers on their tag, so I asked about that.

Alzheimer’s comes to mind, but there is a slew of medical issues less deadly and debilitating that can impact relationships in a major way.… continue reading »

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The students answered several yes/no questions that ranged from “In the last six months have you texted someone a sexual message to flirt with them?… continue reading »

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Some examples follow (these are ordinal numbers): L, ETOVC, or ΕΤΟΥΣ = of the year∆ΕΥΤΕΡΟΥ = 2ndΤΡΙΤΟΥ = 3rdΤΕΤΑΡΤΟΥ = 4thΠΕΜΠΤΟΥ = 5thΕΚΤΟΥ = 6thΕΒ∆ΟΜΟΥ = 7thΟΓ∆ΟΟΥ = 8thΕΝΑΤΟΥ, ΕΤ ΕΝΑΤ, ΕΝΑ, ΕΝ, ΕΤ Θ = 9th∆ΕΚΑΤΟΥ, ∆Ε ∆ΕΚΑΤ, ∆ΕΚΑ = 10thΕΝ∆ΕΚΑΤΟΥ = 11th∆Ω∆ΕΚΑΤΟΥ, ∆Ω∆ΕΚΑΤ, ∆Ω∆ΕΚ = 12thΤΡΙCΚΑΙ∆ΕΚΑ, ΤΡΙCΚΑΙ = 13thΕΝΝΕΑΚ∆ = 19th The dates above may not be "proper" Greek. THE ACTIAN ERA dates from the victory of Caesar over Antony at Actium in B. If the result is less than zero, determine the date before the common era (BC or BCE) by subtracting the date on the coin from the era start year and then adding one.… continue reading »

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