Skandal dating terlampau

24-Jan-2018 08:22

In the viral 6-minute meeting between Dato’ Seri Najib Razak and President Trump, accompanied by their respective delegations, the Malaysian Prime Minister pulled out all stops to impress the American President.Dato’ Seri Najib did not waste time with pleasantries and started his speech with how much Malaysian firms and funds will purchase from, and invest with US companies.Dato’ Seri Najib Razak even taunted the critics as “shallow, not that smart”.The Prime Minister is obviously trying to be disingenuous here, promising President Trump one thing, but justifying something completely different to Malaysians.

“The decision was not made by politicians, it was made by its investment committee,” he added.Too bad it only applies to Muslims because — hand on heart — I believe all Malaysians should stay away from the app.Such “games” pose a genuine threat to the religious and moral sensibilities of the I downloaded the app and within minutes I felt my belief in God, being Chinese and eating chicken rice have as much significance as last month’s Facebook advertisements. All I wanted to do was run after a serenity-challenged rodent call Pikachu whose name at first made me think this was some ancient Peruvian pyramid climbing game. If we’re not careful, Pokemon will make corporate executives run out of boardrooms chasing tiny blue-winged monsters instead of working hard so that our country’s business reputation, our currency and our corporate high-teas can remain enviably top class.I mean, we’ve had a spotless record of zero wrong-doing by our leaders — the LAST thing we want is for our dynamic yuppies to go bat-s*** crazy chasing augmented-reality rodents next to the water-fountain.

If Pokemon takes residence in our corporate culture, soon we’ll have shady business deals and — gasp! ) happening because one Pokemon player (who happens to own half the city) needs game-tips from another player (who happens to own 20 companies). Malaysians are going to be playing Pokemon, then having illicit sex.How is it that we are now spending billions of our saving to support “infrastructure redevelopment in the United States” when we are in desperate need for the same in Malaysia?