Updating computer bios

02-Jul-2018 04:20

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By purchasing pre-fabricated computers from well-known brands, there is a good chance you will find the links to the latest BIOS versions on their respective websites.

Generally, you put your machine’s exact model and the file list appears ready to be downloaded.

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This program usually comes with the motherboard drivers installation CD.

If you have this then use it as it is the simplest and safest way to update the BIOS.

If you can’t find what you need on the manufacturers’ websites, you need to complete two more steps before you can move forward: find the BIOS version and the motherboard’s manufacturer.

Wait a few seconds for the machine to restart again and then check the changes in the exact same way you did to find out the BIOS version with the msinfo32 command.

BIOS (or Basic Input / Output System) is part of the system the controls your computer, interacting with the firmware in a chip on your motherboard.First, make sure that you use the exact BIOS template for the motherboard of your machine.